Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

The one critical question that every parent has in their mind is about their child’s future. We have grand plans for what they could become. But, do we ever ask our child on want they dream of becoming? Children are easily swayed by various factors and their interests keep varying every day

As parents we do get confused about our child’s interests and try our best to accommodate their requests. This however, does get difficult as the children of today grow at a rapid pace thanks to the advent of technology and instant learning on the internet.

Hence, we designed this unique process of counselling parents. Yes, you read that right! We counsel parents, not by advising them on how to bring up their children, but to help them understand their children better through the programs designed for the young minds.

Mentees learn a great deal more than just scientific wisdom. Our mentors guide them through various aspects of life itself. Mentees open up to such suggestions and that in turn helps us understand their thought process, potential and personality.

The ‘conscious parenting’ sessions help us communicate and guide parents towards the best plan of action for their children’s future. Parents learn to be the best guide, mentor and friend,in helping their children achieve their dreams and aspirations without any prejudice.

There is no greater gift in life than you supporting your child, being their inspiration, role model, and seeing them become a leader in the future.