Evolvingminds Philosophy

Evolvingminds Philosophy

Evolvingminds is a future-driven education and research organization dedicated to preparing young minds for a dynamic future. We strive to create awareness in young minds about their options to create abright future, both for themselves and for mankind. We prepare these minds –Evolvingminds –to face the challenges of the future.

We use science education as a medium to lay the foundation for rational thinking and creative problem-solving. We teach through ‘The Discovery Process’. At Evolvingminds we guide the thought process of the child rather than forcing predetermined thoughts on them. We teach young minds in the age group of 6 to 15 years through thought-provoking questions, science experiments & projects, science lab, hands-on activities, mathematics and technology for kids..

We believe that every young mind is a genius and our Mentors work towards identifying their raw talent and moulding it. Known as ‘Mentees’ in our Programs, we believe it’s important to provide our Mentees with the right learning while they have fun. To focus their energy towards a creative future we need to address the dream of every Mentee effectively, without compromise. We, at Evolvingminds, guide them to create a vision. Such a Mentee has energy, courage, determination, and a hope for a better tomorrow. Our dream is to partner with you as parents in making your kids’ dreams come true.

We build confidence in Mentees by encouraging them to question and guiding them to invent. We believe that the answer lies at the heart of the question and techniques such reverse engineering & analyzing a question, helps Mentees discover answers via methods previously unknown to them. This excites them and gives them the confidence they need in exploring further in our science program(s). Putting their ideas into practical application at a young age is an amazing breakthrough in their lives.

Small batches of Mentees, enables our Mentors in giving individual attention to each Mentee. We carefully choose our Mentors to ensure that, the ability to enhance the thinking process is focused on, rather than enhancing the Mentees’ education level. With a whole lot of worldly experience and an ocean of knowledge gained, our Mentors ensure that no stone is left unturned in the Mentees’ path to discovery, learning, progress and success.

We help Mentees to distinguish between opinions and facts through the use of scientific methodologies for breaking all wrong assumptions. Our teaching approach is uniquely designed to enhance holistic learning –developing both logical/reasoning and creative thinking abilities. At Evolvingminds, we consider building a rapport with Mentees, an amazing experience. It is a great challenge and that is what inspires us. We would like to create a platform for young minds where they can acquire the necessary thinking skills to emerge as future entrepreneurs.

We live in a world where our reactions to the external uncontrollable changes determine our success in life. Hence, there is a need to adapt and that is possible only when we are prepared to do so. We, at Evolvingminds inculcate Mentees with the right blend of temperament and scientific knowledge at an early age. This prepares them for all the challenges thrown at them as they head out into the world as Entrepreneurs. To have a process that enhances scientific temperament, it has to be centered on the experiences of the Mentee. This requires curiosity on the part of the Mentee, and they are most curious when they are surprised. Hence, we developed a “method of surprises” to initiate a scientific inquiry among them.

A learning forced by rote and by inducing fear does not remain with the young minds for long. They learn best from experience. Understanding fundamental principles and seeing them at work in our day-to-day life can make learning science a lot of fun! We, at Evolvingminds, also provide real-world exposure to the Mentees in the form of industrial visits and experiencing science & technology at work. This helps the students identify their areas of interest and plan a career path for their future.

Apart from Science, Mathematics and Technology, Mentees also receive life skills training, to shape them into confident, pro-active and sociable individuals. Advanced topics and global issues are discussed in a way that young minds can comprehend and participate pro-actively. Individual and teamwork project, interactive videos, conferences and presentations ensure that a well-rounded learning is imparted.

Today’s young minds have tremendous awareness and numerous choices. This can make them very enthusiastic as well as confused. At Evolvingminds, theemphasis is not on what one knows but on the completeness of what one has learnt. The focus is on the Mentee’s sole intention and not the parents’ intention, thus providing for increased interest to gain experience. A fun approach to learning is practised, to enhance self-expression and improve self-confidence.

Mentees are sorted into batches not according to their age, but according to their level of thinking and ability to do things. There is no pre-requisite knowledge level for entry into the program. Not all Mentees are forced to understand all the concepts taught in class. Allowances are made for natural grasping powers of individual minds. We try to improve certain under developed skills and abilities in the Mentees, with complete participation from the parents.

As Mentees grow confident, develop good presentation and oratory skills while at Evolvingminds, they are able to open up to Mentors and share their experiences. This helps us understand their mindset better. This has helped us develop and continuously better ‘Conscious Parenting’, a program aimed at counselling parents via feedback during exclusive sessions and different means of communication, to help them understand their child better. We believe that the right bonding between parents and children is an absolute winner for parents and children alike. This helps the children be more forth coming with their parents, who in turn only encourage them and guide them instead of restricting them.

Our philosophy has been the cornerstone to the success of our programs. Mentees have come to love the experience of learning via discovery, their overall self-development and growth. Parents have been amazed at the success enjoyed by their children with our science program(s)and a learning of their own about bonding, positive reinforcement and support by understanding their children better.

We at Evolvingminds learn every day from Mentees, Mentors & parents, and we can assure one thing. Without a doubt, this is definitely the future to learning and Evolvingminds is the one and only destination, now and in the future.