Summer Program

Summer Program

The best Summer Program for your kids is here. This is not another average summer program. It is the best opportunity for your kids to have fun and learn about Scientific Temper and make them discoverers & Innovators of Tomorrow.

The Core

There is plethora of information and facts out there, but most children lack motivation to learn them owing to random un-curated and unguided means of gaining knowledge. The current education system is still not the ideal way to help young minds learn effectively. Evolvingminds summer program as a platform, constantly engages the young minds to initiate and ignite cognitive learning in them. Our unique mentoring process is the most effective tool in helping them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities to think, interact, learn and grow positively through Thought Provoking Questions.
When asked about the shape of the earth, the answer lies right ahead of us that it is round. But there are bigger reasons as to why the earth is round. Helping them understand the why and how of each question is what this Summer Program is about!
We discourage learning by rote. Though children may have questions, their desire to ask them get suppressed among heaps of information being fed to them mechanically, expecting quick results during knowledge evaluations in the education system and pressure from peers, parents & teachers alike. Evolvingminds does not teach, but mentor the young minds. The mentors in our team encourage students to ask the ‘so called’ silly questions and also make mistakes. Once under the tutelage of the mentors all young minds realise that there is no silly question and there is no mistake. There is only encouragement to openly interact, intellectually think & engage with mentors & peers alike and learn with a deeper understanding through constantly questioning and discovering about all the knowledge at their disposal.

The Process

Our platform inspires and challenges young minds to perform practical tasks. We encourage their ideas and appreciate their questioning prowess, which they always love. This turns into a fun and interactive experience for them every day. They draw their ideas, which is the best exercise to express their flow of thoughts. We recognise their beliefs and assumptions. The young minds then test their ideas through practical experiments, which help them find answers through modification of their ideas to arrive at the working models, which are the most desirable answers to their Though Provoking Questions.

The Change

Young Minds seldom get to implement their ideas in reality. Evolvingminds as a platform is where most Young Minds embark on their first journey towards realising their ideas. This is a big confidence booster for many kids. The joy and elation at being able to discover, learn and invent propels the Young Minds into becoming stronger and confident individuals, helping them grow positively and move forward with a lot of enthusiasm to achieve more in life.