Einstein and the Thought Provoking Questions

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Happy Birthday, Einstein.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Einstein.

When we approach though Thought Provoking Questions (TPQ’s) and spend more on the thought process rather than the conclusions, School education can make a significant impact in our in our lives.

Learning at evolvingminds

How we can help children learn?

Albert Einstein was a genius. Today is his birthday. 
Our child is genius too!
At the age of five, he was inspired by a magnetic compass. His Thought Provoking Question (TPQ): How is it possible for the needle in the magnetic compass to point in one particular direction even though we move the compass in all directions?
His uncle was a guiding factor for his inspiration. Today we all know the impact he created. This is the power of the TPQ!


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The creation of space called Evolvingminds and its significance to your child

Dear Fellowtravellers,

“All I want to show people is how by mastering to architect your own imagination your can have a life that helps you to have mastery that leads to a significant living, naturally and effortlessly. This process leads us to be in deeper touch with our self”

The narration below is written in a way that brings insights from my journey and distinguishes it as a value to the mentees.

The journey started when I was an 11-year-old boy who aspired to be on the moon.  May be to aspire that way was not in my hand. I was curious to learn and experiment with new things and was also more inclined at the philosophical nature of the ‘how things work’.  To search for the truth and to even know what it is was always a deep question in my life. Today I call it as MPQs (Mind P...

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