What is the right age to start learning science?

Learning from a young age in a fun manner is the best for young minds of this era, growing at a tremendous pace. This helps them absorb knowledge better, without feeling pressured. The motivation provided encourages them to learn through trial & error towards discovery and success. Kids from 6 years and above are ideal for our programs. We provide an amazing platform from an early age to learn, gain knowledge and wisdom.

Do you provide support for parents to guide their children?

Our conscious parenting sessions are designed exactly for this purpose. We help parents, understand their children better, nurture, support and motivate them in a positive and effective manner, for a long time to come.

Is this program only for bright kids?

Our programs are the perfect fit for any young mind. The content is delivered in a fun, easy, innovative and thought provoking manner. It makes every mentee think, learn and explore pro-actively and be at par with all as they are motivated every step of the way. Situations where some of our mentees need further clarification are keenly addressed by our mentors. This helps balance the learning environment and brings about a positive state of flux in ideation and discovery.

Do you support children in pursuing their own projects?

Yes. The idea is to help them architect their inspiration. The learning methods have to be tried by the mentees. They come to us with a wonderful idea and we provide a platform for structuring their thoughts in drawing form. We have a worksheet for the mentees to submit their ideas. We also go one step further and buy the materials required for the implementation of the ideas, with the parents’ consent. This saves time for the parents while also providing encouragement to the mentees.

How do you measure a child’s understanding during the program?

Every session has checkpoints and sequential flow of activities in place to ensure that mentees have understood the concepts from the previous sessions. This helps us gauge a Mentee’s potential and progress and we guide them to get on level with the others in the program.

Do you conduct backup sessions if a child misses the class?

Yes we do. Generally, we don’t recommend that the mentees miss any sessions, be it due to preparation for exams or other reasons. Parents are responsible to ensure that their children attend all the sessions. In case of a missed session, we ask the mentees to come early before the next session to attend the backup session.

How do we know what is taught in the class?

We share the ideas and discovery and any interesting aspects of the session with the parents through WhatsApp and by email. We have developed the AID – Activities for Inventors and Discoverers program, which will be shared with the parents to keep them informed of the activities at Evolvingminds.

What is the guarantee that my child will score well after attending your program?

We provide pure knowledge in a way that helps your child understand it better, through innovation and experiments. At no point is our focus on the education system. The knowledge and wisdom gained however should help your child perform better for a foreseeable future. And yes, knowledge and wisdom is eternal and beyond guarantee or an expiration date!

How safe are the experiments conducted?

The safety of our mentees is given top priority. The experiments conducted are very safe. For example, only low voltage batteries are used and the scissors and blades used are not sharp. Chemicals are handled only by the mentors and only non-harmful chemicals are allowed to be used by the mentees.

What if my child doesn’t like the program?

This is a very rare occurrence. We meet the mentee in person and find out what motivates him/her. We might have an additional session if needed to help them get motivated. Sometimes, solving their perceived problems helps rid them of the negative energy and helps them be more involved with and enjoy the program. If, in spite of this, we find that that child is not keen on the learning methods at Evolvingminds, we have a partial refund option. This is only for the participants who join for the first time.

How does this program help a child’s career?

Our program is designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of the technological society. The mode of learning and the skills acquired are at a professional level. The mentees at Evolvingminds acquire the skills necessary to adapt to changes in the world of science and technology. We work with the interests of the mentees and have in place a process that provides them with feedback. Hence, any decision they take is based, not on fantasy but awareness.

Is your syllabus aligned with the school syllabus?

No, the syllabus at Evolvingminds is not directly aligned with the syllabus of any particular school. However, the overall foundation journey will address the general syllabus. We have developed concepts that are sometimes higher than the conventional syllabus. We have also taken into account the graduate level learning at school level. We have developed a flow of methods to teach any concept.