The Mentoring Philosophy

Evolvingminds is a future-driven education and research organization dedicated to preparing young minds for a dynamic future. We strive to create awareness in young minds about their options to create a bright future, both for themselves and for mankind. We prepare these minds – Evolvingminds – to face the challenges of the future.

We use science education as a medium to lay the foundation for rational thinking and creative problem-solving. We teach through ‘The Discovery Process’. At Evolvingminds we guide the thought process of the child rather than forcing predetermined thoughts on them. We teach young minds in the age group of 6 to 15 years through thought-provoking questions, Science experiment, hands-on activities and Science project, Science lab , Mathematics and Technology for kids.

We believe that every young mind is a genius and our Mentors work towards identifying their raw talent and moulding it. Known as ‘Mentees’ in our Programs, we believe it’s important to provide our Mentees with the right learning while they have fun in science class. To focus their energy towards a creative future we need to address the dream of every Mentee effectively, without compromise. We, at Evolvingminds, guide them to create a vision. Such a Mentee has energy, courage, determination, and a hope for a better tomorrow. Our dream is to partner with you as a parent in making the dream of your kids come true.
We build confidence in Mentees by encouraging them to question and guiding them to invent. We believe that the answer is at the heart of the question and methods such reverse engineering & analyzing a question helps Mentees discover answers and methods previously unknown to them. Such procedures excite them and give them the confidence they need in exploring further in our science program. Hence putting their ideas into practical application at a young age is an amazing breakthrough in their lives.

Small batches of up to 20 Mentees enables our Mentors in giving individual attention to each Mentee. We carefully choose our Mentors to ensure that, the ability to enhance the thinking process is focused on, rather than enhancing the Mentees’ education level. With a whole lot of worldly experience and an ocean of knowledge gained, our Mentors ensure that no stone is left unturned in the Mentees’ path to discovery, learning, progress and success.

We help Mentees to distinguish between opinions and facts through the use of scientific methodologies for breaking all wrong assumptions. Our teaching approach is uniquely designed to enhance holistic learning – developing both logical/reasoning and creative thinking abilities. At Evolvingminds, we consider building a rapport with Mentees, an amazing experience. It is a great challenge and that is what inspires us. We would like to create a platform for young minds where they can acquire the necessary thinking skills to emerge as future entrepreneurs.

We live in a world where our reactions to the external uncontrollable changes determine our success in life. Hence, there is a need to adapt and that is possible only when we are prepared to do so. We, at Evolvingminds inculcate Mentees with the right blend of temperament and scientific knowledge at an early age. This prepares them for all the challenges thrown at them as they head out into the world as Entrepreneurs. To have a process that enhances scientific temperament, it has to be centered on the experiences of the Mentee. This requires curiosity on the part of the Mentee, and they are most curious when they are surprised. Hence, we developed a “method of surprises to initiate a scientific inquiry among them.
A learning forced by rote and by inducing fear does not remain with the young minds for long. They learn best from experience. Understanding fundamental principles and seeing them at work in our day-to-day life can make learning science a lot of fun science activities ! We, at Evolvingminds, also provide real-world exposure to the Mentees in the form of industrial visits and experiencing science & technology at work. This helps the students identify their areas of interest and plan a career path for their future.

Apart from Science, Mathematics and Technology, Mentees also receive life skills training, to shape them into confident, pro-active and sociable individuals. Advanced topics and global issues are discussed in a way that young minds can comprehend and participate pro-actively. Individual and teamwork project, interactive videos, conferences and presentations ensure that a well-rounded learning is imparted.

Today’s young minds have tremendous awareness and numerous choices. This can make them very enthusiastic as well as confused. At Evolvingminds, the emphasis is not on what one knows but on the completeness of what one has learnt. The focus is on the Mentee’s sole intention and not the parents’ intention, thus providing for increased interest to gain experience. A fun approach to learning is practised, to enhance self-expression and improve self-confidence.

Mentees are sorted into batches not according to their age, but according to their level of thinking and ability to do things. There is no pre-requisite knowledge level for entry into the program. Not all Mentees are forced to understand all the concepts taught in class. Allowances are made for natural grasping powers of individual minds. We try to improve certain under developed skills and abilities in the Mentees, with complete participation from the parents.

As Mentees grow confident, develop good presentation and oratory skills while at Evolvingminds, they are able to open up to Mentors and share their experiences. This helps us understand their mindset better. This has helped us develop and continuously better ‘Conscious Parenting’, a program aimed at counselling parents via feedback during exclusive sessions and different means of communication, to help them understand their child better. We believe that the right bonding between parents and children is an absolute winner for parents and children alike. This helps the children be more forth coming with their parents, who in turn only encourage them and guide them instead of restricting them.

Our philosophy has been the cornerstone to the success of our programs. Mentees have come to love the experience of learning via discovery, their overall self-development and growth. Parents have been amazed at the success enjoyed by their children with our science program and a learning of their own about bonding, positive reinforcement and support by understanding their children better.

We at Evolvingminds learn every day from Mentees, Mentors & parents, and we can assure one thing. Without a doubt, this is definitely the future to learning and Evolvingminds is the one and only destination, now and in the future.


The Mentoring Process

‘The Mentoring Process’ from Evolvingminds is a futuristic, adaptive and responsive program that is always up-to-date with the most innovative methods of imparting knowledge. This science program is not a substitute for classroom learning or science lab experiment, but a level above. The Young Minds experience powerful methods of intuitive learning that helps them recognise amazing potential within them. Our trainers truly believe in our philosophy of impactful positive training and impart vital knowledge in a simple and efficient manner, easily understood by the Young Minds. Such a learning process leads to a chain of discoveries and with every year, these steps re-cycle into a different thought stream, continuously engaging them in a practical and functional perspective.

  • A Thought Provoking Question!

    “How to get a steel ball floating in liquid”? “How to float and spin a pencil mid-air”? As adults, our curiosity to know the answers is no less than a Young Mind’s. But, we believe that we are beyond that age of re-discovering ourselves and hence refrain. Young Minds however are the stark contrast of us adults. They are ever zealous to discover and learn. Encouraging them to ask questions and discover answers, helps them connect with their inner world. In this digital age, although answers are easily available on the web, they do not provide a streamlined method of learning. This is similar to the Indian education system in limiting the urge to discover via practical experiments. At Evolvingminds we encourage such thought provoking questions, to break all assumptions and streamline their zeal in tackling challenges and finding answers, via a practical platform. The programs at Evolvingminds instil confidence in Young Minds, for a constant endeavor in learning.

  • Sketching ideas

    Every sketch brings a visual form to all the abstract thoughts and ideas in a Young Mind and helps them distinguish their unique ideas. The Evolvingminds mantra that “No Idea is wrong” encourages Young Minds in participating with positive enthusiasm. We help them connect their inner world of ideas to the practical outer world through established mechanisms. These mechanisms enlighten the Young Minds along their path of learning, discovery and futuristic yet impactful inventions for the society.

  • Discussing ideas

    The saying goes that, ‘Communication is the Key to Success’. This saying has been re-invented in our programs and constantly reminds the Young Minds that “Communication is the Seed to Success!” An environment without any prejudice or reservation helps them share their ideas, for a deeper learning among all Young Minds! A continuous positive appreciation to the Young Minds and applauding their efforts goes a long way in working with them and converting their ideas to solutions.

  • Listening to ideas

    ‘Proactively Listen to Learn More’, is one of the most important advices that we give to all the Young Minds. This helps the Young Minds understand their Peers’ thought process, bringing about a new found respect for them. This is vital in team building skills where one shares another’s idea. Bringing about all ideas onto one platform further encourages proactive participation, better analysis of challenges across all ideas and perhaps even the birth of a new age product.

  • Testing ideas

    Every seed sown in a Young Mind culminates into thoughts and ideas that need to be provided with answers, but in a practical manner. This way, assumptions are broken and not just clarity of knowledge is provided, but the wisdom of practical utilisation of the knowledge effectively, is enabled into their thought process. Through the testing of every idea, the Young Minds realise the need to practically apply this method across all walks of life, in order to learn & discover through all possible outcomes, and NOT assume and ignore all the practical possibilities.

  • Continuous Learning

    Reasoning at every step of learning, helps the Young Minds assess and re-assess their ideas and solutions at every level of thought. Testing these ideas, brings about new questions in the form of challenges; and reverse engineering solutions help analyse every minute detail of the project and tantamount to continuous learning, every step of the way. With the right guidance and improved suggestions in the form of solutions, we at Evolvingminds ensure that the Young Minds learn to work independently, and as teams while learning from each other and retaining such knowledge. The domino effect of one idea leading to another, result in a continuous evolution of ideas, knowledge discovery, learning and sharing.

  • Understanding Design Basics

    R&D has been a key, to the success of various global industry leaders who have researched, designed, discovered, corrected, invented, re-designed and finally found success! Ground breaking scientific and technological inventions are a result of numerous such continuous cycles.  The R&D at Evolvingminds follows the exact same pattern and immerses Young Minds into the process of understanding every component that goes to designing their projects. The initial working models though successful in their own right, have a lot of scope for improvement, owing to their design flaws and barriers against a perfect functioning model of the idea. Brainstorming sessions bring out the best solutions to such design flaws, which are improved upon in successive re-designed models. Practical demonstrations enable quicker and better solutions through proper understanding of the tools, components and materials used across all projects. This gives the Young Minds, the wisdom to properly utilize any tool, component and gain more success with future scalable projects and inventions as efficient designers.

  • Experimenting

    The wisdom gained, gears up Young Minds in building working models. The tools and components provided across different phases, helps them understand all the possible solutions, practically weighing out all the pros and cons of a solution and settling on the best options. This is a continuous process and we always encourage every thought flow no matter how insignificant it may seem, as that brings about a spark of new ideas and a bevy of solutions. This helps them start their construction phase with brimming confidence.

  • Build a Functioning Model

    Replicating the practical knowledge gained from mentors, helps Young Minds execute their projects. First attempts are vital to their learning curve and essential feedback during such attempts helps them gain recognition and understand their own ability. They also get appreciation from their peers for troubleshooting their projects by helping each other build successful working models.

  • Sharing

    A critical yet inspirational trait encouraged at Evolvingminds is, sharing! Ideas, solutions, opinions etc. shared among peers and trainers, help our Young Minds understand the importance of being vital contributors to all facets of learning. Radiating this philosophy inspires many around them to be able to follow in their footsteps. This geometric progression leads to the sharing of invaluable knowledge across the world, unconditionally, to help evolve many brilliant minds of the future!


Every single step in the mentoring process brings about a powerful positive impact on every Young Mind’s overall development. These skills imparted are not just learnings during sessions, but every single aspect of learning (scientific, personality, professional, character etc.) becomes part of their skillset that they go on to practice in their daily lives. Few of the most important skills imparted are

  • Self Confidence
  • Reverse Engineering any challenge or problem
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Scientific Thought Process
  • Communicating at every step
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Building
  • Peer Camaraderie
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Nurturing a Better Self-Identity

This program is a true milestone in the world of learning, discovery and educating the Young Minds. Through this science program, they are sure to excel in their chosen field of interest and be an inspiration for the future generations to follow.

Evolvingminds has pioneered in developing this unique ‘Mentoring Program’ through years of experiments and experience. Many Young Minds have been successfully pursuing this journey with us for a long time now and have speared ahead of their peers from many globally renowned education systems and institutions around the world in all aspects.

The Founder

Evolvingminds as a concept was perceived by Anand and established in 2005 to inspire young minds about the power of human wisdom and to guide them in the discovery of their true potential. It started within him as an urge to discover answers to a lot of questions and helped him establish this as a dream come true for young children. He is keen to help the eager young minds of this generation, achieve their dreams and aspirations through innovative new learning techniques.

His idea of a ‘Thought Provoking Question’ about the how and why of everything around us, enabled him to discover answers through rigorous research, right from his college days, all the way to his workplace where unique and brilliant solutions were stumbled upon.

Using this as a platform he transformed the basic idea of questioning and discovering answers into well-structured programs, that transition through different levels of learning and discovery.
With a strong team of individuals who share his vision, he has been able to bring about a steady growth in the way the young minds in the society are positively impacted.

“At Evolvingminds, we partner with the students in the realization of their dreams, grooming them to grow mentally stronger and more focused at what they aspire to become in the future. We encourage them to dream aloud and stop at nothing to achieve it.” Anand, Founder – Evolvingminds

science experiments for kids in bangalore

Summer Program

The Evolvingminds Summer Program has always been THE program for kids to look forward to, the past 10 years. Want to know how? Read on…

As the children soak in the summer sun, a different kind of light has been shining bright on some kids, in the form of the Evolvingminds Summer Science Activities. This is the only extraordinary summer science experience for your child. Every other ordinary summer program just ensures that the kids are engaged in fun science activities for a period of time.

We take our science summer program to a different scale altogether, combining fun, knowledge, wisdom and discovery every day through innovative science experiment. The young minds, as Mentees, are guided through ‘thought provoking questions’ to discover answers by reverse engineering each question. This helps them uncover umpteen possibilities and avenues to finding solutions. The clarity derived from separating the do’s and don’ts helps them steer further ahead with a self-confident approach to learning.

The science summer program is also the cornerstone for the year-long Foundation Journey that follows. Our mentees experience an all-round development during this year-on-year journey and realise their true potential in the long run.

The success of our mentees who started with our science summer program is proof that the program has established itself as a renowned epicentre of wisdom, knowledge and clarity with purpose.


The Foundation Journey

Our core program has been designed with a strong belief that every child has a genius within them that is untapped and waiting to be unleashed. Learn more about how this program is a must for every child

The Evolvingminds Foundation Journey emphasises on continuous, intuitive & intellectual learning with guidance, beyond any mediocre classroom session. Students at schools or other tuition centres are limited by a prescribed syllabus, a narrow path to get admission at top educational institutions, and lack the mentoring process absolutely necessary during such critical stages of learning and development.

This program runs in parallel with their education system, but provides an advanced level of learning that is not bound by any limitations. We strongly encourage our Mentees to question and discover answers within such questions. This helps them gain confidence, bring about spontaneous solutions and even design project that interest them. Mentees learn about the smallest of micro-organisms and the biggest astronomical projections in space and everything in between.
Our program concentrates on a lot of other aspects of development apart from scientific wisdom. Mentees learn various critical skills and undergo personality guidance procedures to help them grow into distinguished leaders of the future. Communication skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, team skills, entrepreneurship skills, project development & management skills are some of the few to be mentioned here. They are also exposed to the world of applied sciences, where they get to marvel at the concepts taught in our sessions being used practically. These traits and life skills are instated into their daily development. Such progress helps our mentees discover their true calling in terms of their prospective career options that lie ahead on their path to success.

Our mentees gain the potential to truly experience an overall development with greater wisdom, heightened spiritual approach towards life, a broader outlook at the society and becoming an inspiration to the young minds of the future. This is the one program that every young mind should be a part of, to reach that broader and stronger path to success.

Science demonstartion

Conscious Parenting

Ever had trouble figuring out what is right for your child? Want to help your child discover themselves? Want to learn how to become their best friend? Read on…

The one critical question that every parent has in their mind is about their child’s future. We have grand plans for what they could become. But, do we ever ask our child on want they dream of becoming? Children are easily swayed by various factors and their interests keep varying every day.

As parents we do get confused about our child’s interests and try our best to accommodate their requests. This however, does get difficult as the children of today grow at a rapid pace thanks to the advent of technology and instant learning on the internet.

Hence, we designed this unique process of counselling parents. Yes, you read that right! We counsel parents, not by advising them on how to bring up their children, but to help them understand their children better through the programs designed for the young minds.

Mentees learn a great deal more than just scientific wisdom. Our mentors guide them through various aspects of life itself. Mentees open up to such suggestions and that in turn helps us understand their thought process, potential and personality.

The ‘conscious parenting’ sessions help us communicate and guide parents towards the best plan of action for their children’s future. As parents they learn to be the best guide, mentor and friend in helping their children achieve their dreams and aspirations without any prejudice.

There is no greater gift in life than you supporting your child, being their inspiration, role model, and seeing them become a leader in the future.



Is your syllabus aligned with the school syllabus?

No, the syllabus at Evolvingminds is not directly aligned with the syllabus of any particular school. However, the overall foundation journey will address the general syllabus. We have developed concepts that are sometimes higher than the conventional syllabus. We have also taken into account the graduate level learning at school level. We have developed a flow of methods to teach any concept.

How does this program help a child’s career?

Our program is designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of the technological society. The mode of learning and the skills acquired are at a professional level. The mentees at Evolvingminds acquire the skills necessary to adapt to changes in the world of science and technology. We work with the interests of the mentees and have in place a process that provides them with feedback. Hence, any decision they take is based, not on fantasy but awareness.

What if my child doesn’t like the program?

This is a very rare occurrence. We meet the mentee in person and find out what motivates him/her. We might have an additional session if needed to help them get motivated. Sometimes, solving their perceived problems helps rid them of the negative energy and helps them be more involved with and enjoy the program. If, in spite of this, we find that that child is not keen on the learning methods at Evolvingminds, we have a partial refund option. This is only for the participants who join for the first time.

How safe are the experiments conducted?

The safety of our mentees is given top priority. The experiments conducted are very safe. For example, only low voltage batteries are used and the scissors and blades used are not sharp. Chemicals are handled only by the mentors and only non-harmful chemicals are allowed to be used by the mentees.

What is the guarantee that my child will score well after attending your program?

We provide pure knowledge in a way that helps your child understand it better, through innovation and experiments. At no point is our focus on the education system. The knowledge and wisdom gained however should help your child perform better for a foreseeable future. And yes, knowledge and wisdom is eternal and beyond guarantee or an expiration date!

How do we know what is taught in the class?

We share the ideas and discovery and any interesting aspects of the session with the parents through WhatsApp and by email. We have developed the AID – Activities for Inventors and Discoverers program, which will be shared with the parents to keep them informed of the activities at Evolvingminds.

Do you conduct backup sessions if a child misses the class?

Yes we do. Generally, we don’t recommend that the mentees miss any sessions, be it due to preparation for exams or other reasons. Parents are responsible to ensure that their children attend all the sessions. In case of a missed session, we ask the mentees to come early before the next session to attend the backup session.

How do you measure a child’s understanding during the program?

Every session has checkpoints and sequential flow of activities in place to ensure that mentees have understood the concepts from the previous sessions. This helps us gauge a Mentee’s potential and progress and we guide them to get on level with the others in the program.

Do you support children in pursuing their own projects?

Yes. The idea is to help them architect their inspiration. The learning methods have to be tried by the mentees. They come to us with a wonderful idea and we provide a platform for structuring their thoughts in drawing form. We have a worksheet for the mentees to submit their ideas. We also go one step further and buy the materials required for the implementation of the ideas, with the parents’ consent. This saves time for the parents while also providing encouragement to the mentees.

Is this program only for bright kids?

Our programs are the perfect fit for any young mind. The content is delivered in a fun, easy, innovative and thought provoking manner. It makes every mentee think, learn and explore pro-actively and be at par with all as they are motivated every step of the way. Situations where some of our mentees need further clarification are keenly addressed by our mentors. This helps balance the learning environment and brings about a positive state of flux in ideation and discovery.

Do you provide support for parents to guide their children?

Our conscious parenting sessions are designed exactly for this purpose. We help parents, understand their children better, nurture, support and motivate them in a positive and effective manner, for a long time to come.

What is the right age to start learning science?

Learning from a young age in a fun manner is the best for young minds of this era, growing at a tremendous pace. This helps them absorb knowledge better, without feeling pressured. The motivation provided encourages them to learn through trial & error towards discovery and success. Kids from 6 years and above are ideal for our programs. We provide an amazing platform from an early age to learn, gain knowledge and wisdom.


Do you share our passion to impart knowledge in creative and practical ways?

Do you have the insight and knowledge to share with the young minds of this generation?

Are you passionate about teaching kids in a fun new way?

Then you are at the right place! Fill up your details below and we will schedule something interesting for you!



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